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  “ Tyson tackles the most complex creative initiatives with a refreshing level of quiet confidence. Plain and simple the guy is a damn good artist and able to tackle all sorts of different aesthetics and forms of media with ease. His creative process looks strait out of the movie A Beautiful Mind like Einstein trying to come up with his theory for relativity. He does well with direction very receptive to feedback. Highly Highly recommended! ”

- Ryan Mulvany / Executive Vice President

Quiverr Collective 

“ Tyson was one of our strongest designers in the department. I worked with him on a variety of projects and each one was met with enthusiasm and a willingness to always deliver the best to each retail partner. He was always able to look at the needs of different accounts and deliver content that lead to best-sellers in the industry. His reliability and dependability in our fast-paced and deadline driven environment, was a standard for others to match. I highly recommend Tyson for any team.”

- Seth Whynaucht / Vice President of Creative

Hybrid Apparel

“ Tyson is the BEST of the BEST. One of the most talented, engaged, genuine people you'll ever meet! I have worked with Tyson on creative projects ranging from simple presentation decks for investment firms for our company to full blown Brand Development, logo creation and packaging for a variety of product categories including beauty, home & kitchen, wine, etc. I have watched Tyson flawlessly execute logo and branding concepts to meet the needs of multiple esthetic palates with an eye not many possess. He brings a creative vision to life with patience, exceptional construction and amazing technicality. His unique creative vision is truly remarkable. Tyson is a kind, reliable and hard-working human being. I would be happy to speak in greater detail regarding a reference for Tyson. On a scale of 1 - 10, Tyson is an 11. ”

- Kate Kalil / Senior Vice President of Operations Officer

Quiverr Collective

“ Tyson educated us on the new developments in web and graphic design and helped us redesign our site and web strategy in order to appeal to new markets while maintaining our current core business. His willingness to listen and understand what we were saying while strategizing a way to achieve the desired product was something we hadn’t experience in working with other designers. I would highly recommend him for any design project. “

- Jenny Silva / Co-Owner & Operations Director

Level Entertainment

“ Tyson has an incredible ability to apply his experience and skill set to a wide variety of different product categories and situations. It's rare for designers to dream up brand concepts, and also utilize their technical skills to manifest those concepts in a timely manner. I worked with Tyson in a fast paced, deadline driven environment. Tyson always delivered with outstanding work. His dependability and "cool under pressure" made him a valuable asset to the team. I've had the opportunity to work with many designers in the past. I can definitely say Tyson stands out among the rest. ”

- Mark Lathrum / Director of Digital Strategy and Client Services

Quiverr Collective

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